How do I add my news item?

If its an actual news article (and/or generally of interest to spraci users) you can add it by logging in and going to "my articles".

It is also acceptable to post "calls for submissions", reviews of events (if they are well written), artist bios (moderators will probably move any bios to the relavant sections for their music genres so make sure the genres are clearly stated), etc

Useful "how to" articles (eg tips for artists or djs), DIY projects, etc are of course most welcome and tend to get the best/longest exposure because they are often very interesting for people using spraci. (of which a significant proportion have an interest in making, mixing or performing music)

You can add an article by going to the "new article" form.

If you are using Internet Explorer 5.5+ you can also use the "wysiwyg" version of the form which has a wysiwyg editor in it. (you can copy/paste into this from MS-Word and it will keep much of the formatting. please note the the html generated by MS-Word is pretty terrible so you may have to fix it up a bit)

There is an expiry date you can set after which the article is no longer shown on the main menu pages as a current article (but can still be found by going to the actual news section - "more news")

If you wish to include images in your articles you should first upload them to "my files".

Any images you have uploaded can be used in articles by entering the full urls to the images in the image fields on the forms (or by just choosing them if you are using the wysiwyg editor)

The news section is moderated and the moderators' say is final so if its something that is not regarded as "newsworthy" by the moderator it won't appear as a current item.

If you add an item in the wrong city/area/country/categories the moderators may move it to the appropriate section.

If you wish to post something that is not really "news" or "feature articles" such as enquiries, comments or discussion of other posts, etc then you should use the message boards or appropriate discussion threads instead.

If its about an upcoming event you should make sure the event has been added to the events listings (use the "add event" forms) BEFORE writing any news articles about it and any new articles should include extra info that is not part of the event listing.

Posting a news article does not create an event listing and events not listed in the listings miss out on being seen by people looking at the listings (which are viewed more than news items here) and also miss out on being seen on other sites which syndicate events data from us or use custom spraci listings.

So if its about an event you should put it in the listings FIRST.... the news section you can post an article about a competition you are running for the event or a bio of an artist playing at it (and at the end of the bio you can say something like "You can experience playing at on in ) or add some other general-interest background to of the scene.

Of course if its a large event such as a festival attracting people from lots of different cities you can post a news item announcing it nationally/internationally as well as the local event listing.

The moderators will however have the final say over which countries/states/cities it is relevant to.

If you want an article to be shown in multiple areas contact us and ask.

If you have any questions you would like to see in here please contact us



To list your event on spraci go to the ADD EVENT form and enter the details.
Its easy!