get events matching criteria

Finds events matching certain criteria


area (Integer or Keyword, Optional)
The area id of area/city/state/country of the event
To get a list of area ids you can use the area.getlist method. You can also pass it the The SPRACI keyword for the area/city/state/country of the event

min_date (YYYY-MM-DD, Optional)
Find events after this date.

max_date (YYYY-MM-DD, Optional)
Find Events before this date.

tag (Keyword, Optional)
A tag or keyword. This will find events that have been tagged with this keyword.

search_text (Optional)
A search term used to find events.

user_name (Name, Optional)
A SPRACI username - to show events added by that user.

user_id (Integer, Optional)
A SPRACI numeric user ID - to show events added by that user.

per_page (Numeric, Optional, Default = 50)
Number of results to return per page.

page (Numeric, Optional, Default = 1)
The page number in the results.

Listings will only be returned if you supply an area, area_id or other search criteria. (maximum number of events returned is 500)

Example Queries:

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To list your event on spraci go to the ADD EVENT form and enter the details.
Its easy!